Saturday, March 31, 2012

Job Hunting!!!

Hello everyone,
  It has been awhile since I last wrote on here. So here we go, for those who have not heard. I have left OM and now is on a job search. I am Personal Support Worker(PSW) Although I did not know what was going to happen with OM and my support at the end of January, I felt that I needed to start handing out resumes, so I did and have been ever since.
   And I was getting little to no response from them, so I started sending them far and wide through out Canada, and was like okay Lord if you want me here in Welland then you need to shut these doors and open local ones. And so I waited and no response from them either.
  Now I was getting to the end of my Home assignment with OM and knew that I needed a job as the support I need for staying with OM was not coming in, so I knew God was closing that door. Yet I was not sure what the next door was for me.
   So I started to apply to just about anything out there, I figured once I was making money to live off of I could then search more into the openings that I needed to look at.
   After send out resumes to places like Tim Hortons, Dollar store etc. I decided that I needed to make a visit to the Job Gym, which is a program that runs here in Welland to help people get jobs it is a resource to those looking for work or if there are problems with your job and you need questions. The best part this is a government funded program so I do not need to pay out of pocket for this.
    So I got all the paper work started for this and signed up for a work smart work shop and next thing you know I get a job offer, yes with St. Elizabeth Home Health, which is an organization that hires, RN's RPN's and PSW's to go to peoples homes and give care to them. Although I do not know all that is initiated to this job, I will soon as the orientation is Monday afternoon. This is part-time/casual so I do not know how many hours this will be either, but one thing I do know is that I have a job and who knows what will come of it.
   I will for now stay with the job gym to see if I can get full-time employment somewhere, but this is a start and an answer to prayer. I will keep you posted in what comes next. I am also still working with my church as Children's Pastor so please pray that as I try to balance all God has blessed me with that I will stay focused on the important things in life.
  Thanks again for being part this journey with me. Your love and prayers are so much appreciated.

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