Monday, March 21, 2011

Prayer Walk!!!

  Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything on here!!!

 This past Saturday, we had a prayer walk with the ministry I Work of Le Havre. The forecast was for rain, but God was so good. It was over cast as we started our day, but that morning while we were praying the sun start to shine. God shining down on us as we walked around and prayed.

  I was not sure about this whole thing, as I was not sure how Belgians thought about prayer walks, although we only had like 5 Belgians there, they really seemed to enjoy it. We had 12 people there with us on Saturday form 7 different nationalities. Which was so nice as we are in Brussels one of the most if not the most international city in Belgium. And to have many nationalities come together and pray for an area that is in so much need of Christ's Love. I felt like God was just shining down on us on Saturday as we prayed.

  There are so many needs with so few people to shine God's love to these needy people, please pray for these people and that they will see God's Love through us as we work among them. Thanks.