Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas in Belgium!!

   Christmas, a time to remember Christs Birth, and celebrate. A time where we share where it can be so easy to share God's love yet do we. A time that we spend a great deal of time with family, and well what do you do when family isn't close by to go see?

    Well here is what my Christmas looked like this year.

      First I went to the Brussels Christmas Market, looked around and they even had a couple stands form Canada. With Quebec Maple syrup and things, although very costly it was neat to see something form Canada.

 It was a fun afternoon at the market.

    The week before Christmas, as OM Belgium we went out Caroling(although  I was not able to as I had a bad cold at the time) they handed out candles to the people they sang to.

  On Christmas Eve once again I could not sing, but Le Havre, in the ministry that I am working with we had a Christmas dinner for the people in the area well the group came along and sang at it and handed out candles as well there. I was able to hand out the candles, this time as it was inside, I just saved my voice and did not sing.

Christmas day was a great day, the sun was out, there was snow on the ground. Spent the day eating lots and enjoying the day. Along with 2 of the other single girls here we spent the day with the a family that are here with OM Belgium and they are form New Zealand with there 3 girls!!   This was my first Christmas away form home and it was different then I am use to but I can say I had a great time and enjoyed myself. A memory I will have for along time!!

     I hope each one of you had a great Christmas remembering Christ's birth and why he came, and spent time with people you love. Although a bit late, I wish each one of you a great year ahead and may you be richly blessed and be a blessing to those around you.