Saturday, April 23, 2011

Le Havre Easter Club!!!


    Well what an amazing week we have had. Each day brought form 30-50 kids, ready to play games and have a good time. We toured the world in 5 days. Monday we were in Europe, Tuesday we were in Oceania , Wednesday we were in Asia, Thursday we were in the America’s and Friday we ended in Africa. Each day we took a piece of John 3:16 for the lesson.  Teaching these kids who are mainly Muslim about Jesus who is the Son of God. Challenging them with the fact that he is more than a prophet.
  Each day the kids great you as you get there, they are there waiting for us! They look so forward to the club and all there happy faces are so worth every moment of it.  
  The weather was great the whole week; it felt like summer … it was great. And it started to rain an hour after club was officially done on Friday.
  Thanks so much for all your prayers. Geneviève did great this week, she took Thursday off to rest, and you could tell she was tired at times but she managed just well and she was able to pace herself which was really good.  
 Please continue to pray for these kids as they think about all that they have heard this week.  As many of them will be challenged with this as many of them come from Muslim homes.
 We had a great group of volunteers who came to help each day. Who love these children which was great!  We had some kind of sport for the older boys each day and we had dance for the older girls while the younger children played a different game each day.
  It has truly been an amazing week, now if I could just speak French that the kids understand. J Many times when I tried to say something this week, well the kids just looked at me and I could tell that they did not understand what I was trying to say to them. But considering a year ago I understood nothing and could not speak really anything to them it is coming.  
  Thanks again for all your prayers, love and support.
  You are all such an important part of my team here.
 Have a great Easter weekend!!

  God Bless,
      Joanne Ynema

PS. There is one lady in the blocks of apartments where we do the club, which is on the street who complains about it many times. Please pray for her  that we can show here love and that she will see God’s love in us.  That we may be able to build a relationship with her.
  Also please pray the parents that we were able to speak briefly  with this week as well, that we can build relationships with them as well.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

JO’s Journey March 2011

serving in Belgium with Operation Mobilization

JO at Le Havre

One Year and Beyond!

It has been over a year since I left Canada and came over to Belgium. After attending  conference in Germany, I arrived in Belgium at the end of January 2010. I moved to Brussels in March 2010. I have had some ups and downs along the way but that was what I expected.

During this past year I have enjoyed getting to know the ministry of Le Havre and finding out how can I be of assistance in practical ways as I learn the language.

I have had moments where I wonder if I will understand the  language. Although I still have a long way to, I am very happy when I understand something now. I don’t always get the right meaning of it all, but I am starting oh so slowly to understand things. It is mainly just words that I’m getting right now; sentence/conversations still confuse me, but I have started to understand and that’s a good thing.

I started taking French classes in September, First term did not go well and I did not pass so in January I started the class again. I still struggle with some of the things in class but this time I am also doing what is called LAMP (Language Acquisition made Practical). That means I go out and talk to people. I have a phrase in French and I keep saying it to as many people as possible. Then I go back again in a week or two and say another phrase. Through this process I hope to find people who will become regular helpers for me un learning the language. This is definitely not easy. Please pray for me as I go out and try to talk to people this way: that I will find the people I need and that I can minister to them at the same time.

  With less than 10 months lift of my commitment here in Belgium I have started to think about the future and what God wants for me. There are many opportunities for me to be involved in  furthering the kingdom. Please pray with me as I seek what God wants for my future.



Addition and Subtraction

In February we had 2 girls join us. Joy form the USA, is here for 3 months. She is helping with the office and in the outside ministries. Her purpose here is to find out more about OM Belgium and see if this is where God is calling her. Anna is here for 18 months to help us start an arts ministry here in Belgium. Please pray for open doors as we look at ways to use are and ministry. Out bookkeeper ( Andrew Bridges) who has faithfully served OM Belgium for years is leaving this summer. Please pray that the right person for this job will come along and will fill this urgent need.


Le Havre

  We have kids clubs out on the street every other week.  Some weeks we have only a few kids, but other weeks we have almost too many to handle! Things like weather, holidays, and illness play a big role in determining attendance. At the same time we know that there are  more malevolent forces fighting against us as well.  I am reminded again and again, no matter how hard it is , to keep going. Ever if there are only 2 or 3 kids around we are to stay faithful to the calling of this ministry; each child matters to God. Each child should matter to us as well.

  Please also pray for more men to join us here in the Marolles. There is always a need for men to be interacting with the boys in the club.

Also pray for Genevieve, the founder of the ministry of Le Havre. Over the last year she has been ill. She is doing much better right now, but still having health issues.

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Belgium’s Christian population is about 0.5%. They need Christ in such a big way, yet it takes a lot of work for Christians and missionaries to gain the trust of the people. Please pray for open doors and that Beligians will see their need to know Christ.

Belgium has been without a government now since June last year, and there is still no resolution to the situation. Please pray for the king and everyone who is involved in the search for a solution.


Thanks so much for your prayer and support!


Much love,


  Joanne Ynema

Things to pray for:

- Language learning

- Language helpers

- For God to reveal His plans for my future

- staff openings at OM Belgium to be filled

- New OM Belgium Arts Ministry

- More men to volunteer with the kids

- Genevieve and her health