Friday, October 30, 2009


I have been think what do I need to do still before I leave, well one thing I need to do is sell my car so I was think the fist week of November, when yesterday(Oct 29th)I felt a real need to really post it on Kijiji. So I did. Well today I got a call and went out to someone's house to have them look at it, I was asked why are you selling it and when I told them I was joining Operation Mobilization they were like oh we go to Port Baptist and Gord Abraham is our pastor, then they asked about if I was the one who helped with the VBS this year and I was able to say yes. What a small world we live in, wow!! God is so Good!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prayer Letter 1 part 1



You may be wondering, “Who is this person? Why am I reading her blog?” To keep this simple, I grew up in a family who loved God and was saved at the early age of 7. After high school I went to Kawartha Lakes Bible College for one year. I then held various jobs until 2001 when I started working for Christian Horizons and went to Niagara College where I recived my PSW certificate. I have lived in Port Colborne most of my life, but presently am living in Welland, where I attend the First Baptist Church. As for why you are holding this letter, it is because God is giving both of us the opportunity to make a difference in the world!

Make a Difference? How?

Belgium, a small European country on the North Sea, is a country divided in language, politics, and religious tradition. The Flemish-speaking population of the northwest and the French-speaking Walloon of the southeast are so opposed that the unity of the small country is threatened.

Only God can heal the hurts of the past, “For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us.” But as of the year 2000, Belgium had a Christian population of only 1.1% a total of about 110,000. For comparison, Canada claims over 3 million Evangelical Christians.

Over the past few months, God has been leading me to pray about going somewhere to spread His Good News, and more recently He has showed me that somewhere is Belgium.

Why Belgium?

I was not thinking of going to Belgium, but as He often does, God has other plans for me!

I volunteer at the OM Canada office once a week. One day I kept seeing papers related to Belgium. It is rare for a country to cross my desk twice in a day, but when I saw it a third time, I thought God might be trying to tell me something! At first I tried to ignore it, but God kept reminding me of Belgium. So finally I looked up stats on Belgium and realized that they desperately need to hear the Gospel.

But I still thought, “Well God, maybe someone else will go. I don’t want to have to learn another language.” Then one day I overheard someone at the OM office say, “I wish I had more people to send to Belgium.” God was sending some big hints!

I still wasn’t totally convinced that it was me who had to go, but then I heard another story of how God allowed someone to learn a new language in 6 months. That is when I said, “Ok God, if you want me to go I will.”

So here I am on the most exciting and fearful adventure that God has sent me down so far!