Saturday, September 18, 2010

French Class

     Well 2 weeks ago I started taking French classes. When I signed up all I could find was a Tue and Thurs evening, so I signed up for it although it was not great timing as Tue evening is out OM prayer Meeting, but as there seemed to be no other option and I could not find anything else that was affordable  I decided that is what I needed to do well the first week I found out that there was a class on Mon and Wed as well so I asked if there was a way to change. I was first told that I was not able to, so I went home and was like ok Lord, I am done trying to figure this all out if you want me in that class then that is fine, but if you can change it for me that would be great. So on the Thursday I went to class and the teacher was like you want to switch you classes you can. So I was very grateful that God worked it all out for me. So know I have classes, Mon and Wed.

     Class is good, although hard as it is all in French and I still do not understand most things that are said in French, yet it is good to be in and try to figure out what is being said, it really makes you think. And tonight I realized I understood something which was said in French while I was out from the class so it is working and it has only been 4 classes. Now it is just learning to say the words that I am learning as well as understanding them.