Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flower Carpet

Aug 14 2010

  Well every other year here in Brussels they make a carpet form live flowers and it is on for only 3 days it is amazing to see.

   I was able to go with a few people here, one OMer and a few others that are helping here at OM Belgium. Although pictures can not replace seeing it, here are a few pictures to show everyone what it looks like.   380 383388

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kids Club ~ July 26-30 2010

 Well this week was another week of club for us here in Brussels. It was a good week.... not as hot as the fist week so that was nice, we did have some rain but never alot during the time of our club which of course is outside.
   This week we did  not have a theme going through the week for our stories we just had diffrent bible stories though the week. We played games, song songs and had a story each day. The kids always look forward to playing with us and having fun.

   God has provied us with some new things like hockey sticks and other sports things that we need. The hard part is where to store it as our storage is limited, but so far we have mangaed to find places for most everything. God is good as we see Him provid for us in so many ways..