Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is here!!!

Well the calendar says it's summer but this week it is all rain here in Belgium but then again when it was spring on the calendar it was summer like!! But with summer here it means we go into a busy time. This July Le Havre has 2 weeks of clubs 1st one is just 2 weeks away  July 4-8 and the second one is form July 25-29 and as OM we are going to be part of an outreach in the city of Ghent while they have a festival in the city which runs form July 15-25, but as the second week of club starts the 25th I will be heading home to be part of the club a day or two early.
   Beginning of August I have some quite time, and than from Aug 22 to Sept 3 I will be in Holland at the GO (Global Orientation) Conference. This is a conference for new recruits joining OM I will be a staff there this year, helping out OM Canada.  
   This coming Saturday I will be leading a prayer walk and the theme I will be working with is the kids clubs that are coming up, as there is so much need of prayer for every thing we do here. Please also join us in prayer as we have a busy summer. Please pray for the impact that this time will be on the children, for safety and good weather.
 May you all be truly Blessed.