Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kids Club ~ July 5-9 2010

 Well the first week of July I once again was able to help in a kids club. We had form 30-40 kids each day it was a blessing to be able to be part of it. We did some games, singing, craft and a story each day. We were able to share about a king from the Bible each day with the Friday ending with telling a story about the greatest king of all. It was great. These kids are from some poor familys and do not always get the love they so much need. It is great to be part of there lives even when I can not yet talk to them.

  The week was a bit of a rough start, with Monday it poured on us so we did end up getting nice a wet, we were greatful that there are a few covered areas that we could get out of the rain, and it did not last the whole time we where there. On Tuesday one of the leader got hurt she ended up going to the hospital, had some stictches and arm in a sling, and they asked her to come back in 2 days to have her nose set as it was broken. Well God answered our prayers, as when she went back her nose was straight so it was not needed to set. God is good. The rest of the week we had hot weather but nice.

 This coming week we once again are having a week of club, please pray with us for safety and good weather. And for open ears of all the children.

  To give some insight about how each day is run of a club, each morning all the leaders will meet with a time of singing and a short devotional, and prayer. Then we review the day before as we do not meet after club. Then we go through the club what we will be doing in the afternoon so we practice the games, skits and songs. Then after lunch we go down to the street where we do the club set up and have club, for about 3 hours.