Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Preparing for a week of VBS!!!

 Well my friends,
    I have been home for 7 months now and I have a few part time jobs along with serving with my Church as the Children's Pastor. Some days I wounder where I will find the time to get everything done. And for most part God gives me the strength to get it all done.
  With a week and half till the start of VBS there seems to be long lists of things to be done. And as we quickly head that direction there are many things on my mind that we need to get done, but I know no matter what happens and what I may not get done or what I don't think is the way it is suppose to be God will be using it all. I am excited to be part of this yet I feel so many time so unprepared for this job, yet it is here and here I go.
  I saw this on Face book not that long ago, and so many times as I work along doing this I feel this way.
 And as I go forward, to this busy week of VBS I am so glad that we all can lean on Christ, for our strength and guidance, these Children are so precious and need to hear about the greatest gift that they could ever receive.
  I want to thank each of you in advance as you pray, for this week of VBS, I have been blessed with having a base of praying friends.