Monday, December 28, 2009

Time of Change

As I sit here and think of the next 2 weeks as I prepare to say goodbye to so many people, it is hard to believe how fast this has come upon me. It seemed like so far away when I first started to think and talk about going to Belgium. Yet 2 weeks form now I will be on my way to Germany. Then form there I will head to Belgium after the GO conference.
I am so grateful to so many people to make this possible with out people partnering with me Financially and in Prayer I could not be doing this. Also for each one who has been so encouraging to me, some times through a hug and sometimes with a encouraging words.
I am excited to see what God will teach me and how I will be used in the next couple of years, and beyond. I know there will be moments of frustrations when I will just want to give it all up. Please continue to pray that I will get through these hard times.
For the last 8 1/2 years I have worked for an organization called Christian Horizons, which has made me the person I am today, because of challenges that have come my way in which I had to deal with that I would have never thought I could have, but it is amazing what you can do when you have no choice and how it changes you. For those who may be reading this that do not know what Christian Horizons is it is an organization that serves people with special needs. I am so thankful for the lessons that this job has taught me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec prayer letter part 1

What Now

As I prepare to leave please pray that all the necessary preparations will be done! I will be leaving here Jan 11th to go
to Germany for the 10-day Global Orientation conference. There I will get some training on things like security, OM's core
values, team living, etc.

From Germany I will make my way to Belgium where I start the actual time there. First I will be trained and find out where
I will be living. Then all the fun and challenges will begin


I got an email the other day with more information about what I will be doing in Belgium.

They have set up for me to work in central

Brussels in a interesting area called Marolles. This

area was historically outside the old city wall.

Every evening all the outcasts and rejects would

be kicked out of the city and take refuge in the

Marolles. To this day it has remained a poor area,

housing both immigrants and the poorest of

Belgian citizens.

But Marolles is much more than a poor

district. It is scattered throughout with boutiques

and antique shops. There is a market every day,

and the people are reputed to be the friendliest in


What will I be doing? I will be working in a

ministry called Le Hevre, French for The Haven.

Together with volunteers I will be helping with

fortnightly kids club and week long holiday clubs

held on the street. These clubs draw hundreds of

kids and gain Christians valuable contacts with

local families. The vision of The Haven is to be the

light of Christian community to the people in

Marolles. I will also spend a lot of time visiting

people, praying for them, reading the Bible with

them, or just listening and sharing with them.

My Car

At the end of October I decide to put my car up for sale, thinking it would take a few weeks. It

took 1 day for someone to come to buy it, even giving close

to the asking price. I got the offer on Friday, the safety inspection on Monday, and gave up the keys and bid my car goodbye on Wednesday. It has been different not having a car, but I have been blessed to be able to borrow my Moms van and get rides from friends. Although I had have a couple of months without a car I have been blessed to be able to sell it quickly and not have to think about it in the midst of other trip preparations!