Sunday, October 17, 2010


  From Oct 4-8 OM Belgium hosted a European  STM (short term mission) forum, and form the 8-10 they were involved in an outreach here in Belgium. We had 2 outreaches and split the group up I had 5 form the forum come to work here with Le Havre for the weekend. Starting with Friday afternoon we went out and handed out roses to people on the street (ARK – Acts of Random Kindness) just to show love to the people in the neighborhood and see what conversations happen, it was a good time and great response to the flowers. Saturday morning was started by a prayer walk, great time able to walk around the area and pray for such a needy area. Saturday afternoon was the kids club, which also was a good time and the team was a big encouragement to all the volunteers here working with Le Havre. We were able to help in some really good ways as we where short on volunteers this past Saturday. Then after the kids club there is a soup kitchen here at the south train station, which they were able to do a short drama and sing and hand out a love letter form God to every one there. They where able to help practically as well with handing out of soup and sandwiches, and some had some really go conversations as well.

  Sunday Morning we had a worship service, here in the Marolles  there is no church here in the area and this service was a way of looking to the future in what it could be like.

   Although time was short they have made big impacts. Thanks for all the prayers for this ministry.



Day at the Zoo

I had the privilege to be able to go to the zoo with some of the kids of Le Havere on Sept 25th. It was a busy day but very nice to be able to take these kids out, and spend the day with them although I yet do not understand most things they say, it is great to spend time with them.  Although we had a few times of rain it in which we needed to find a place that was covered and wait it out, which we where able to always do that quickly as there are plenty of covered areas in the zoo,and  the kids did not mind the rain.

   This whole thing was paid by another organization here in Belgium, all we had to do was bring a packed lunch. It was a great day and it is such a privilege to be able to watch the children enjoy themselves.  

Zoo - Sept 25 2010 1075Zoo - Sept 25 2010 1214