Saturday, January 14, 2012

What is home Assignment??

 So as I have been talking with people, since I have come home to Canada from Belgium, I have come to realize that home assignment or furlough is a bit confusing for everyone and what it means.
  So I am going try to explain this to the best I know how to.
  Home Assignment (Furlough) is when a missionary returns to their home country or area  fir a tune to connect with there supporting church(es), and  there partners. And a time to build new partners as well to join there team. During this time they also share what is going on the field that they are working on.
  It also helps Missionaries take time to step back and reflect on what is happening and refocus on what God has called them to do. After a time that has been set by them and the mission organization that they work for they return to there field that they are working in.
  So what this all means for me, as I have come back from Belgium, and now in Canada. I am on home assignment (furlough) till the end of March.During this time I am planning on visiting people, groups and Churches to share about my time in Belgium and what future plans are looking like and what needs I have. At the end of this time going back to Belgium but staying here in Canada, I will be working with OM Canada in Port Colborne.
   As with any OM Missionary, I need to raise  my own support to work here with OM Canada. As OM is an faith based organisation. So as I connect with people and build this team to continue on this path God has me on at this time. Please if you are reading this please consider becoming part of this team and see how God Changes communities and countries. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, or if you wish to be part of this team.  My email address is
  You each have a part of what I do because without each of you I couldn't be doing what I do.
  I thank God that He has put each one of you in my life.

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