Sunday, October 17, 2010


  From Oct 4-8 OM Belgium hosted a European  STM (short term mission) forum, and form the 8-10 they were involved in an outreach here in Belgium. We had 2 outreaches and split the group up I had 5 form the forum come to work here with Le Havre for the weekend. Starting with Friday afternoon we went out and handed out roses to people on the street (ARK – Acts of Random Kindness) just to show love to the people in the neighborhood and see what conversations happen, it was a good time and great response to the flowers. Saturday morning was started by a prayer walk, great time able to walk around the area and pray for such a needy area. Saturday afternoon was the kids club, which also was a good time and the team was a big encouragement to all the volunteers here working with Le Havre. We were able to help in some really good ways as we where short on volunteers this past Saturday. Then after the kids club there is a soup kitchen here at the south train station, which they were able to do a short drama and sing and hand out a love letter form God to every one there. They where able to help practically as well with handing out of soup and sandwiches, and some had some really go conversations as well.

  Sunday Morning we had a worship service, here in the Marolles  there is no church here in the area and this service was a way of looking to the future in what it could be like.

   Although time was short they have made big impacts. Thanks for all the prayers for this ministry.



Day at the Zoo

I had the privilege to be able to go to the zoo with some of the kids of Le Havere on Sept 25th. It was a busy day but very nice to be able to take these kids out, and spend the day with them although I yet do not understand most things they say, it is great to spend time with them.  Although we had a few times of rain it in which we needed to find a place that was covered and wait it out, which we where able to always do that quickly as there are plenty of covered areas in the zoo,and  the kids did not mind the rain.

   This whole thing was paid by another organization here in Belgium, all we had to do was bring a packed lunch. It was a great day and it is such a privilege to be able to watch the children enjoy themselves.  

Zoo - Sept 25 2010 1075Zoo - Sept 25 2010 1214

Saturday, September 18, 2010

French Class

     Well 2 weeks ago I started taking French classes. When I signed up all I could find was a Tue and Thurs evening, so I signed up for it although it was not great timing as Tue evening is out OM prayer Meeting, but as there seemed to be no other option and I could not find anything else that was affordable  I decided that is what I needed to do well the first week I found out that there was a class on Mon and Wed as well so I asked if there was a way to change. I was first told that I was not able to, so I went home and was like ok Lord, I am done trying to figure this all out if you want me in that class then that is fine, but if you can change it for me that would be great. So on the Thursday I went to class and the teacher was like you want to switch you classes you can. So I was very grateful that God worked it all out for me. So know I have classes, Mon and Wed.

     Class is good, although hard as it is all in French and I still do not understand most things that are said in French, yet it is good to be in and try to figure out what is being said, it really makes you think. And tonight I realized I understood something which was said in French while I was out from the class so it is working and it has only been 4 classes. Now it is just learning to say the words that I am learning as well as understanding them.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flower Carpet

Aug 14 2010

  Well every other year here in Brussels they make a carpet form live flowers and it is on for only 3 days it is amazing to see.

   I was able to go with a few people here, one OMer and a few others that are helping here at OM Belgium. Although pictures can not replace seeing it, here are a few pictures to show everyone what it looks like.   380 383388

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kids Club ~ July 26-30 2010

 Well this week was another week of club for us here in Brussels. It was a good week.... not as hot as the fist week so that was nice, we did have some rain but never alot during the time of our club which of course is outside.
   This week we did  not have a theme going through the week for our stories we just had diffrent bible stories though the week. We played games, song songs and had a story each day. The kids always look forward to playing with us and having fun.

   God has provied us with some new things like hockey sticks and other sports things that we need. The hard part is where to store it as our storage is limited, but so far we have mangaed to find places for most everything. God is good as we see Him provid for us in so many ways..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kids Club ~ July 5-9 2010

 Well the first week of July I once again was able to help in a kids club. We had form 30-40 kids each day it was a blessing to be able to be part of it. We did some games, singing, craft and a story each day. We were able to share about a king from the Bible each day with the Friday ending with telling a story about the greatest king of all. It was great. These kids are from some poor familys and do not always get the love they so much need. It is great to be part of there lives even when I can not yet talk to them.

  The week was a bit of a rough start, with Monday it poured on us so we did end up getting nice a wet, we were greatful that there are a few covered areas that we could get out of the rain, and it did not last the whole time we where there. On Tuesday one of the leader got hurt she ended up going to the hospital, had some stictches and arm in a sling, and they asked her to come back in 2 days to have her nose set as it was broken. Well God answered our prayers, as when she went back her nose was straight so it was not needed to set. God is good. The rest of the week we had hot weather but nice.

 This coming week we once again are having a week of club, please pray with us for safety and good weather. And for open ears of all the children.

  To give some insight about how each day is run of a club, each morning all the leaders will meet with a time of singing and a short devotional, and prayer. Then we review the day before as we do not meet after club. Then we go through the club what we will be doing in the afternoon so we practice the games, skits and songs. Then after lunch we go down to the street where we do the club set up and have club, for about 3 hours.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

KIds Club!! April 12 - 16 2010

KIDS CLUB- APRIL 12-16 2010

   This past week we had a kids club here in Brussels. On the biggest day we had 64 kids out, most days we had between 40 and 50 kids. We were blessed with wounderful weather all week as we do this outside.
   We had lots of fun and games and crafts each day with singing , skit and story. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jo's Journey - March 2010

Everthing is New!
After months of preparation, I have arrived. I moved into my own place a week ago, so I
am still in the settling in stage: finding everything, both inside and outside the apartment! Even the most
basic things seem like big jobs these days; for example, going to the super market. Everything is in a
language I do not understand and trying to figure it all out is a job in its self.
My New Work
Belgium is a land of complexities. With large catholic church
buildings that are empty on the inside and small churches with mainly
foreigners looking after things, not Belgians.
One are of concentration for us is La Havre (translated as The
Haven). I will be working with this ministry in Brussels. At the moment
there are lots of barriers with language, I trust that in these first few
months as I start to learn the language that I will be helpful and a blessing
to the people around me here in Brussels. The part of Brussels I am in is
called the Moroll which historically is a poor area and is still today.
Every other Saturday there is a street kids club where we sing songs, play
games, do a craft, and have a story. I have been there twice now and each
time there has been about 12 kids there both times. In the summer when
the nicer weather comes there will probably be 40-50 kids at the club.
Please pray for men to come regularly to help out with the kids, as most of
us who come now are ladies.

Every Thursday I start my day by heading to a large
supermarket to sort through the food about to expire or are
expired, and foods with damaged packages. I sort through it
all and decide what is good and what is not. We take it to
across the city and sort it. The food bank we work with gets
food from a few supermarkets and the EU. As we get ready,
the people who come to this food bank have a seat down the
hall to wait for us to start giving out the food. We begin each
time with a song, bible passage and prayer before we start
taking them through the line one by one with a volunteer. It is
sad to see how many people are in such need of so many
things. Please pray that we can really reach these people
though both practical and spiritual ways
My New Home
On March 3rd I moved into my apartment in Brussels. It is a small
studio apartment, with a bed that rolls into a cupboard. It is on the top floor
so I have 4 flights of stairs to climb each time I go up, which means 60 stairs
(I counted!). The landlord has been very gracious and has given me a table, 2
chairs, the bed, and a pillow and bedding to go with it!. I have been so
blessed in what I have seen God supply for my apartment. Many times when
I started thinking of what I needed, people would just have it or give it to me
before I even asked. I have been blessed by God's provision through their