Friday, November 29, 2013

It has been a while!!!

Hello friends and family,
   Well it has been a while since I have written anything, so I thought I would do a short update. I can hardly believe that 2 years ago I was starting to get ready to come back to Canada. I have been back home in Canada as long as I was over in Belgium. Which is so hard to believe that all that time has passed.
   When I came back and deiced to lead the children's ministries of my church, I had no idea how much was involved, but how exciting it is to be part of this ministries. How amazing it is to touch the lives of these children. And as I look at the next 2 years I am looking forward to see how God can use me here or anywhere else He may send me or move me.
  One amazing part of being back home is being able to be part of the family, and watch my precious niece and nephew grow.

  I am grateful for all the experiences and lessons I learned while in Belgium. I would not have traded those 2 years for anything, and I have used them as I minister here back home in Canada. And as I move forward to continue learning and use what I learn as I minister.
  I have been working at a retirement home since April of 2012 and I am working there full time nights, not always easy working straight nights but I am thankful for a job, but as most of these residents are able to take care of themselves thought out the night my job is very easy. I do checks though the night on them with a few other small jobs, but I have a lot of time during the night to do things that I choose to do. So I bring things with me and I am able to prepare lessons, training sessions ect during the night. Which has been a blessing for me to be able to do that at work, as I have no idea how I would fit it all in yet I know God wants me here doing the ministry here in Welland.  
    As I look towards 2014 I am looking at doing a VBS again this coming summer at our Church. I have done so the last 2 summers and yes it is a lot of work, but the kids always enjoy it so much and I learn so much along the way as well. And although we are into Jr. Church of this year I am always looking at the next year although we are in the present year to see what is working and what needs to change. I am also part of the Awana program at our Church, which I work with the Sparkies (ages 5-7) and it is so great to see them each week and know we are influencing them though that ministry.
  On a personal note I am having surgery in January for my gallbladder, I will be off of work for 4 weeks. So I able to focus on a few things at home and ministry and see where that leads.  Well that is all for now, I will need to try to update things here more often so that I am not trying to remember everything I have done in the last year to year and half. :)
  Blessings to you all.